General osteosynthesis



The traumatological surgeries of many hospitals are based on the usage of Medimetal products. Thus, besides our developed surgical systems, Medimetal’s product portfolio includes also items that are not part of any specific system, but are widely used in the every-day practice or are important accessories.

Therefore Medimetal’s product portfolio includes:

AO cortical-, cancellous-, malleolar screws; self-tapping- or cannulated screws; compression screws; anchor screws; pelvic screws; ligament screws and various washers etc.,

Mini-, small and large -, self-compressing -, reconstruction -, formed -, onethird tubular -, supporting -, and clutch plates, etc.,

Traditional, non-locking intramedullary nails, wires and bone staples,

General surgical instruments i.e. spiral drills, tap drills, screwdrivers, hollow reamers, soft tissue protectors, drill- sleeves, and surgical aiming devices.